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Dear Publishers

eZinemart.com enables publishers in launching an eCommerce enabled multimedia rich digital edition. Being on eZinemart.com opens new channels od revenue generation, higher brand recall and a loyal leadership. The digital Editions can also be archived online. eZinemart.com also undertakes digitization of analog(old print copies), microfilm and PDF files. The digitized archives can be uploaded on eZinemart.com with all the multimedia and interactive features.

Depending on the Publisher 's discretion the digital editions are made paid or free. eZinemart.com is promoted by an ongoing process of brand building, online advertising, search engine optimization and other online activities to attract readers and advertisers.

One of the unique features of eZinemart.com is that it offers an e-commerce enabled platform to publishers for selling subscriptions of the print editions. All orders recieved online are passed on to the publishers along with the net payment for fulfilment. So the next time a reader wants to subscribe to the print edition he can be sent to eZineMart.com to shop in a secure and convinient manner.

eZinemart.com sends an email alert to all advertisers the moment a magazine is released. The email has a link to the ad page in the online version of the magazine.

The Advantages for our publishers are:
  • A digital edition for the magazine with multimedia rich content
  • More revenues through enhanced reader base
  • Revenue sharing arrangement for all online advertising
  • Paid or free access to current digital issue of the magazine
  • Premium subscription based access to current digital issue of the magazine
  • Reduced costs of printing and distribution
  • Presence with other magazines on a single platform
  • Sale of subscriptions of the printed edition using eZinemart.com shopping cart and payment gateway
  • Provision for payments for advertisers online through credit card
  • Free trial for product sampling to non readers in India
  • Archival of all print issues
  • Interactive features that allow online readers to submit feedback on articles, share articles and have discussions with other readers
  • A transparent merchent login account with multiple reports that inter alia provides for:
    • Registration data of readers who have opted in (name, contact details, demographic profile and other data)
    • View active, new, expired, suspended accounts
    • Check ledger account online for revenues accured
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 Call at: +91 120 2771386, 277 1387
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