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eZinemart.com is an online repository of the digital editons of leading magazines. Most of the digital editions are free. The paid digital editions cost just a fraction of the cost of printed editons.

Reading digital magazines is fun as it is multimedia rich, searchable, interactive and also helps save trees. The digital magazines are made available at the same time the print edition hits newsstands.

eZinemart.com replicates the look and the feel of the print edition of your favourite magazines on web. eZineMart provides many utiliterian features that makes viewing the digital edition a unique and delightful experience.

We have an Article Page that comprises of the best stories available on portal.
Our Community Page is an interactive forum that allows users to discuss topics of common interests.

eZinemart.com makes your favourite magazines available online anytime,anywhere. So the next time you have to travel you need not worry about accessing your favourite magazine.

It is the endeavour of the eZinemart team to bring as many publications for its readers.If there is any magazine that you want online, kindly let us know. We would do our best to make it available to you.

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